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This year’s 2019 Annual Flag Football Tournament was hosted by the Stephanis club, with the championship games being played out at the NFL Lester H. White Club, on its beautiful mini-astro turf field.   Members from all 12 of our clubs came together for a day of competition and the chance to showcase their skills, talent and teamwork.  Each year we expect nothing but greatness from all of our club members and this year did not disappoint. The talent and heart of the players and coaches was evident from the first blow of the whistle. With every first down, catch, body juke, spin, and touchdown the games intensified. Spectators were glued to their seats as they didn’t want to miss one minute of play. As each round finished, the excitement showed on the faces of each participant, parent and coach involved.

Congratulation to our 2019 Flag Football Tournament Winners!

Cadets:            Thomas D. Stephanis Club
Juniors:            Thomas D. Stephanis Club
Seniors:           Thomas D. Stephanis Club

A special thank you to the Stephanis and Lester H. White Clubs and their staff for hosting the events, along with Eric Louis, Christine Richardson and Marsha Williams who helped to coordinate this event.  And to all our Health & PE Coordinators, who work with our Club members throughout the year to prepare them for the tournament.